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Lincoln, NE

A talented quartet of sophomores travelled to Lincoln for the Nebraska Spring Football game. Liam Russo (TE), Mike Cunningham (OL), Dillon Duff (QB), and Jason King (LB). "The game was really intense," remarked Cunningham. And there is no doubt that the Huskers were equally impressed by the Spartans.

Liam Russo is a 6-06, 210 pound TE with tremendous speed and ball skills. He also boasts a 3.71 GPA. Mike Cunningham is 6-03 and 265 pounds. He has a great blend of strength and mobility at Center along with a 3.60 GPA. Dillon Duff is a 6-03 QB with a rocket arm and blazing speed. He makes good decisions with the football. He also sports a lofty 4.32 GPA. Jason King is a 6-02, 205 pound linebacker. His closing speed to the football is elite and he maintains a 3.98 GPA.

When asked about their trip King raved about the Husker coaching staff. "They were all really cool and I am glad that I am getting to know them," he said.

These four sophomores figure heavily into the Spartans plans for the next few years, their recruiting should be fun to watch.

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